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La route du mimosaDiscoveries of nature

From January to March, 130 km from Bormes to Grasse tourist route mimosa on the Côte d'Azur winter
April + May + June Daily guided tour of the garden at Domaine du Rayol
Fête de l'olive. RayolOlive Festival
22nd Olive Festival (Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st and Monday 22nd April). Egg race - aioli contest. Provencal market, games, animations and exhibitions on trades of yesteryear

mimosasThe Odyssey of mimosas

In March. Go for a real mimosa world tour at the Jardin des Méditerranéese. All from Australia, Africa or America, some of them have settled in our country

Les jeudis de l'histoireThursdays in History

Free lectures by Mr. Boemare, Professor of History, association hall 14/04. The Second Republic or the Learning of Democracy (1848-51)21/04. Napoléon III, le césarisme et la modernisation de la France

Port-VarPorts on the Var riviera

Marinas on the Var French Riviera | mooring | fairing | equipment | fuel | harbourmasters | marine weather...
Practical information on the Var ports
Lavandou port

Domaine du Bailli de SuffrenAgnes Malecki
Carte littoral varois Hyères les Palmiers La Londe les Maures Bormes les Mimosas Le Lavandou Le Rayol Canadel Cavalaire sur Mer La Croix Valmer Saint Tropez
VTC Helios social
Camp du Domaine-Bormes

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